The Washington Post: Set Maliki partner in corruption central bank governor, the news is not encouraging

The Washington Post: Set Maliki partner in corruption central bank governor, the news is not encouraging

17-11-2014 09:37 AM

Major questions in Iraq

David Ignatius / journalist and novelist, an associate editor and columnist for the newspaper ‘The Washington Post’. Wrote eight novels, including the body of lies.

While America is progressing in the third war in Iraq over the past quarter of a century, it is important that the mental reference to assess whether the US strategy can achieve success in Iraq or not. At that moment, it is difficult to be optimistic because of the continuing corruption and sectarianism in Iraq.

It seems the basic strategic framework for President Obama right in theory. Obama said in Beijing on the following: «who will fight for our children are not. At the end of the day is the responsibility of Iraqis fight Daash and ensure their security. »

While President Obama has pledged to abide by the US again «helping the Iraqis to help themselves», America announced that it will add 1,500 more troops as advisers in Iraq, which means almost doubling the US force there.

How can the United States avoid a repeat of past mistakes?

In search of an answer to this question, I spoke this week with Stuart Bowen, the former US Inspector for Iraq Reconstruction, who checks his office in repeated cases of corruption and mismanagement in the previous failure of Iraq. It has helped me in the preparation of a paper assessment of the current efforts. To understand how things have become worse in Iraq after the US-led invasion in March 2003 can read the latest report prepared by Bowen in 2013 and titled «Learning from Iraq». Only the appreciation of about 40 per cent of the projects sponsored by the United States and the audit which includes significant shortcomings.

Here, there is a strange reminder about how to get out of Iraq expenses of control; where Bowen writes that in 2003 and 2004. The United States handed over to Iraq more than $ 10 billion in cash -hsalt from oil revenues frozen Arac- was in «packs of paper currency in $ 100 bills form». Bowen notes that «these funds have not been managed well.» And may have been looted a lot of those funds.

Bowen says in the description of the Central Bank of Iraq: «The US reconstruction program boosted unintentionally (political favoritism triangle), which includes political parties, government officials and sectarian groups. This killer axis urged to terrorism and corruption that has poisoned the country.»

In short, there lies the challenge; Over the past decade ruined Iraq and corruption and sectarian violence. And should any American effort given away to rebuild a strong Iraqi army -akon able to defeat extremists Alaslamyin- address those issues. Once again, Obama was right when he insisted on dropping Nuri al-Maliki, the prime minister of sectarian as a condition for providing military aid. But what do we do now?

How to handle the Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi, who succeeded al-Maliki and enjoys American support, with the main issues for clean government and sectarian less? We have begun a slow start. As can be seen from the following:

Corruption: Iraq can not succeed militarily or economically without limiting the widespread corruption in the reign of al-Maliki. According to the findings of the Bowen in his report, money laundering through the Central Bank resulted in losses of more than $ 100 billion over the past 10 years has been a lot of that money leaking to banks in Dubai and Beirut. The appointment on the Keywords newly governor of the Central Bank of the news is not encouraging; it was Keywords Secretary General of the Council of Ministers in the reign of al-Maliki was concerned with overseeing the government contracting.

Sectarianism: Maliki took advantage of the government to punish the Sunni majority in Iraq, prompting them to extremism. The Abadi may occur from the termination of this police state sectarianism, but the nomination of Mohammed Salem Ghaban to fill the post of interior minister, which the Badr Corps, which is seen as much of the year as a Shiite death squad responsible. Sunnis fear that Ghaban receives orders from Hadi al-Amiri, the corps commander.

Military training: the Iraqi army collapsed, the US-trained when it swept through the organization Daash Mosul in the month of June. And now reaches new instructors from the United States and other countries for rebuilding the army. But be careful; where the United States has spent more than $ 20 billion to train Iraqi security forces in the period between 2005 – 2011. The Pentagon planners need to ask: What will seem different this time?

Communicate with the Kurds: In order to win the support of the Kurds, should Abadi implement the promise of the Iraqi constitution to allocate 17 per cent of the national budget for the Kurdistan; it also must pass a new law to guarantee the sharing of oil revenues. Since the month of January (January) did not receive the Kurds dinars and one of the budget, which promised benefits.

Regional communication: In order to re-build trust with the year, should Abadi, working in cooperation with the neighboring Gulf states, not just Iran. The participation of the Arabs as a two-way street; where should Abadi travel to Riyadh and other Gulf capitals, and Saudi Arabia and other reciprocity. Iraq could take the lead against al Daash only if the state has become more inclusive (and decentralization as well). Obama is a logical strategy in theory, but can not operate without taking effective measures to prevent corruption and sectarianism.…kvBM2jFPkNHHxg

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Issue Alwani interact .. Sources: Abadi asked support from the US ambassador to keep al-Maliki or imprisonment of corruption cases

Issue Alwani interact .. Sources: Abadi asked support from the US ambassador to keep al-Maliki or imprisonment of corruption cases

24-11-2014 02:44 AM

I learned ‘news agency’ of reliable Iraqi sources that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi complained to the US ambassador in Iraq, Stuart Jones from his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki’s attempts to topple the government and undermine the war against ‘Daash’.

She explained close Abadi Office sources told the ‘News Agency’ The Abadi said the US ambassador to al-Maliki took advantage of his influence in the Iraqi judiciary to issue a rule execution of former Iraqi MP Ahmed al-Alwani Anbar province.

The sources confirmed that al-Abadi assured the US ambassador that al-Maliki’s influence within the judiciary has become a real threat to the political process in Iraq, pointing out that he (Abadi) Contact the judiciary, one day before the issuance of a decision the death penalty against al-Alwani and asked them to defer action on the judgment, which could undermine efforts government to fight the ‘Daash’, especially if clan Alboalon which belongs former MP is one of the big clans anti Daash and participation in the war against terrorism in Anbar.

She explained the same sources who declined to give her name said Abadi request the full political support of the US ambassador to open the files of corruption against al-Maliki in order to circumscribe and minimized as a prelude to his imprisonment or forced out for Iraq.

The al-Maliki began his failure to obtain the support of the political blocs to continue in office for a third term, visits to the provinces of the Shiite, and began firing political statements embarrass Abadi and method of administration of the rule, the most recent statement on the budget and disbursements popular crowd, as well as the question of oil to the Convention between the Government of Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, which on the basis of which is the amount of half a billion dollars to exchange staff salaries region.

It is known that al-Maliki have a great deal of influence within the Iraqi judiciary, particularly the direct impact on the head of the judiciary Medhat al-Mahmoud, as well as other judges were told that they were acting under orders Maliki in issuing arrest warrants against his political opponents.…kvBM2jFPkNHHxg

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US Dollar Technical Analysis: Buyers Poised to Extend Advance

US Dollar Technical Analysis: Buyers Poised to Extend Advance

DailyFX7 hours ago

The Dow Jones FXCM US Dollar Indexlooks poised to push to new year-to-date highs having cleared yet another layer of chart resistance.

Crude Oil Bounce Gains Traction, US Dollar and SPX 500 Aiming

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All Hail the King US Dollar – Trend Forecast

All Hail the King US Dollar – Trend Forecast

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In part two of this Weekend Report I want to take an indepth look at the US dollar as many of the important currencies of the world all seem to be making important moves right now.

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Followup Article from Backdoc – “Why oil is more likely to test $50 than $100 again next year”


Why oil is more likely to test $50 than $100 again next year

John Kilduff, parter at Again Capital Sunday, 16 Nov 2014 | 10:53 AM ET

When oil and gasoline prices are soaring, oil analysts like myself try to assuage the fears of consumers with the old saw: There is no better cure for high prices than high prices.

The succinct analysis of commodity market dynamics likely makes motorists irate, as they pay $100 or more to fill up the family SUV. They fail to appreciate how efficient market forces can be, even at that particular moment of pain.

However, that is precisely why oil prices are falling nowand will likely continue to fall in the coming months to as low as $50 per barrel!

On Thursday, in its weekly inventory report, the U.S. Department of Energy reported that oil production in the United States rose to its highest level in 29 years to just over 9 million barrels per day. To put that in perspective, the U.S. is now nipping at Saudi Arabia’s heels, with that country currently producing about 9.6 million barrels per day.

The surge in U.S. oil production is due to the immense success of a reborn technology: hydraulic fracturing (better known as fracking), which has liberated millions of barrels of oil and millions of cubic feet of natural gas from fields that were thought to be bereft of fossil fuels.

Opponents of the practice have their work cut for them given the tremendous impact the drilling is having on oil and natural gas prices.

The second part of the low oil price story involves several key pipeline upgrades that actually changed the flow of oil, bringing it from the middle of the country to the Gulf Coast, where it is needed to supply the majority of the country’s refineries.

For the complete/rest of the article, go to

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Rupee gains 8 paise at 61.68 against US dollar in early trade

Rupee gains 8 paise at 61.68 against US dollar in early trade

Zee News1 hour ago

Mumbai: The rupee strengthened by four paise to 61.68 against the dollar in early trade on Monday at the Interbank Foreign Exchange on increased selling of the US currency by exporters and banks amidst sustained foreign capital inflows. Forex dealers …

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