The government pays the budget to Parliament and cut legislative leave to read Thursday

The government pays the budget to Parliament and cut legislative leave to read Thursday

24/12/2014 (00:01 pm)

BAGHDAD / long-Presse

Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced on Tuesday, the Cabinet approved the federal budget for 2015 to 123 trillion dinars, pointing out that the speculative price of oil was about $ 60 a barrel.

Saad al-Sabri, a spokesman for the Information Office in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The Council of Ministers voted on the draft 2015 budget law, and that the amount of 123 trillion Iraqi dinars, according to the price of speculative oil at about $ 60 a barrel."

Sabri said that "the draft budget will be sent through legal channels to Parliament, and as we know that the Parliament on holiday now, "likely" to take place after about eight days. "

He predicted Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Finance, on Tuesday, a deficit of 23 trillion Iraqi dinars in the budget of 2015, approved by the Council of Ministers, among the budget will be presented to Parliament soon after it seized drafting committee led by the Prime Minister.

Zebari said in an interview (Reuters) and I followed (range Press), "The Council of Ministers approved the draft 2015 budget worth 123 trillion dinars," expected to "see that the budget deficit of $ 23 trillion dinars."

Zebari said that "the budget will be presented to Parliament soon after he set the drafting committee led by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi," expected to "meet tomorrow and then refer the draft budget, then to Parliament." .

The Parliamentary Finance Committee has been revealed in 14 of the current month for government efforts to address the budget deficit because of falling global oil prices through a series of austerity measures that would provide at least $ 13 billion,

the Commission predicted that the government resorted to dispose of 50 percent of bank reserves Rafidain and Rasheed, as well as borrowing from the balance of the commercial bank and fund minors,

also suggested that includes austerity "luxury expenses sovereign" which said it accounts for 10 percent of the country’s budget.

It is noteworthy that Haider al-Abadi, head of the Council of Ministers, it was revealed on the twentieth of October last, discussion of the Council of Ministers issue the budget three times, and that the Council will prepare a budget in which a military spending as a fait accompli, noting that the budget in 2015,

will be based on the 2014 current budget, due to the presence of the same problems, of oil from Kirkuk and stopped completely, as well as lower global oil prices, and expectations about to fall over, for this, the Council of Ministers decided to austerity.

, said Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu, the House of Representatives decision in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The House of Representatives Speaker Salim al-Jubouri called for a special meeting was held the day after tomorrow (Thursday),

for the arrival of the financial budget law next to 2015, to the parliament, "noting that" the call came on the basis of Article 58 of the Constitution.

" Ihsanoglu said that "al-Jubouri, select the 11th time on Thursday, for the meeting."

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