The most corrupt files published “obelisk” in 2014 .. plagued the sleep of corrupt

27/12/2014 11:42
The most corrupt files published "obelisk" in 2014 .. plagued the sleep of corrupt

BAGHDAD / Obelisk:

continued "obelisk" during 2014, exposed corruption and the corrupt, and uncovered the secrets of the systematic looting of the wealth of Iraq, in addition to the names of the figures involved in these processes.

And through sequential episodes, followed "obelisk" in 2014 corrupt files published in previous years, mysteries contracted to detect explosives, which bought its supplier at a price of up to about one hundred dollars per system hardware deals,

to be sold to Iraq in an amount up to about forty-five thousand pounds sterling or approximately eighty thousand dollars, a deal valued at more than eighty-five million dollars,

and it was the most prominent intermediary companies in this deal and gained a large commissions from her puppies, a group of companies Fadel Al Dabbas, as (Oasis Badia), and (Howrah Valley), and companies (Cumberland).

In this year, which saw the articulated events, security, political and economic, revealed "obelisk" for an official letter issued by the Office of the Vice President Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, Maliki’s office confirms the address of the Ministry of Transport in 5-11- 2014 about the ownership of the aircraft registered in the name al-Maliki to transfer ownership The Ministry of Transport.

According to the book that Maliki’s office surrounded the ministry noted that "civil aircraft (Airbus), which provided us with the Islamic Republic of Iran Banoana as prime minister, and recorded on my own, the reality back to the Council of Ministers,

and we hope to resolve the merits and the transfer of registration of my name to the Council of Ministers or to the Ministry of Transportation is the best to act as the ministry liters and an end to their relationship. He held the book signing on Maliki 3-112014 ".

And published the "obelisk" documents uncovered by the Deputy Minister of Oil, stating that Baghdad needs of gas in normal days, amounting to 80 000 cylindrical per day, while the Iraqi production reached 165 000 discs per day, stressing the company’s ability to accommodate all requests for liquid gas.

This year, published "obelisk", the names of the commanders who are exempt from work and who has referred to the Veterans Affairs under the command of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi.

The document is alone published "obelisk" The Ministry of Finance, decided to prevent wear trousers "jeans" for its employees, while stressed that the hairstyle and chin staff not be outside the boundaries of the familiar and social norms.

The ministry said in an official letter issued by the administrative department and got "obelisk" a copy of it, "be approved uniforms for employees is Tuxedo during working hours,
.and prevents wear trouser jeans or made of similar him Fabrics and both sexes," noting that "prevents the employees overstated Finery and Antal of designs is accepted and non-accepted shoes. "

"It also prevents wear chains and accessories by male staff and all that is contrary to public taste," noting that it "must hairstyle and chin male staff are not uncommon outside the boundaries of social norms."

In 2014, controversy returned to the detector fake explosives into the open again, at the invitation of Iraqi Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban ,, United States to supply Iraq with equipment capable of detecting explosives and providing other needs.

And fake explosives detector, which was imported in 2006 from corrupt views and support and funding from businessmen, the most prominent Iraqi businessman Fadel Al Dabbas, caused the deaths of thousands of Iraqis due to the inability of the agencies in the performance of its functions,

which were imported for it. According to new documents obtained by the "obelisk to the role played by the President" desert oasis "in the company to complete a deal detector fake explosives in Iraq, which killed thousands of Iraqis since work began this year, the machine in 2006.

Revealed "obelisk" a book directed by the administrative department of the Ministry of Electricity, at the behest of the Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi, to grant general managers in all departments of the ministry, a bonus of $ (500 000 dinars) on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.

The book was released the first of October 2014 dated, and signed by the Director of Administrative Service Agency (Falah Said), as the happy face Aldoaúrh managers to grant employees of the departments by the powers vested in them.

The capital Baghdad and other provinces, in the low level of powered citizens, since high degrees with warm early summer, did not improve the process of providing the citizens with electricity, but after that the demand for less because of the low temperature at the moment.

"Obelisk" also published a set of documents presented by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network (at the time) Hassan Salman to Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki, show that the general media network Iraqi director Mohammed carp taken a series of decisions (according to the document),

did not return where the prime minister, claimed in front of the Board of Trustees network, orders that the appointment of the right of some of the names as managers in two departments within the network issued with the consent of the Prime Minister

And is alone, "obelisk" publishing judicial decisions issued against the former head of the Integrity Commission Rahim Ugaili, showing a document, that Ugaili required to spend in accordance with Article IV of the anti-terrorism law.

And published the "Obelisk", a document issued by the Supreme Judicial Council, addressed to the members of the judicial police and police forces, to catch Ugaili in the province of Arbil in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

"Obelisk" also published a paper demands alliance Iraqi Forces Union to participate in the new government after Trchigaha, and the most prominent of these demands is the formation of a government based on a real partnership in making the security, political and economic decisions,

and the government should be able to take the courage to achieve national reconciliation and decisions, and achieve balance career, as well as to ensure the independence of the judiciary and remove him from the party and political influences,

and reform of the security file, as well as re-property and mosques of the Sunni Endowment.

And Astnhit new video clips, and demonstrations for the families of the victims of the students in the Base Speicher, in the past few days, the pain and hopes among Iraqis who see that this file seemed like a foldable into oblivion file, and did not declare the details only recently, and reluctantly, after pressure from families of slain claimants to disclose the details of one of the ugliest "genocide" crimes that gripped Iraq after 2003.

And got "obelisk", a copy of the arrest warrant issued by the investigation and one of the province of Maysan courts against the official sponsor of the list of the "coalition of Iraq," Fadel Al Dabbas and his brother Abbas on the back of buying one of the existing filters e-cards such as the recent parliamentary elections.

According to an arrest warrant dated on 17 April, and issued by the Presidency of Maysan, the Federal Court (the achievement of the first architecture Court) "to all judicial officers members and police officers all and all of this note in his hands you Modhunon the arrest of the accused Fadil Jassim Mohammed Al Dabbas,

place of residence is located Baghdad province, in accordance with Article 32 / II of the Parliamentary Elections Act of 2014, No. 45 of 2013 ", while the other memo as" Abbas’ brother Fadel Al Dabbas.

According to a document obtained by "obelisk" for a decision issued by the office of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki serving commissioned Riad Baahili management cinema and theater department and the removal Nofal Abu loaf from office.

The document, dated, in the 20th of February, that he "got the approval of the Prime Minister commissioned Dr. Riaz Shahid Baahili functions of general manager of the cinema and the theater department."

The senior source revealed, for the director of the film department and theater Nofal Abu loaf persuading the minister of culture (at the time) Saadoun al-Dulaimi, the need to prevent the display of the film "In the Sands of Babylon,"

directed by Mohammed Darraji in the first Erbil International Film Festival, noting that Abu loaf influential among al-Dulaimi, who is His first and last decision in the film or not.

And published the "obelisk" official document prepared by the decision of the Basra Governorate Council spends Arabia Goods Province due to the negative attitudes of the Kingdom against the political process in Iraq, but that decision has not been passed by some political forces.

This reflects an official letter I got it, "obelisk" issued by the Office of the Attorney block "citizen", Firat Mohsen al-Shara, the image "distorted" to the role of some lawmakers in the community, who are ignorant of contexts and mechanisms work in government departments,

and the assets of the official discourse, which must pass through a series References to adopt to address recruitment, hiring and transfer requests, and so on.

"The obelisk also published a" report issued by the Inspector General of the Ministry of Housing and Construction in the document "Notes", confirming that the Ministry of Construction and Housing experiencing the worst its under extradite Mohammed Darraji her, pointing to evidence of corruption at the ministry in several aspects.

And published the "obelisk" document issued by the Supreme Judicial Council, addressed to the judicial officers and members of the police force, to capture the former head of the Integrity Commission judge (Rahim Ugaili) in the province of Arbil in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

And got "obelisk" on private documents from within the area bounded by the Freedom Square in Karrada to cross the bridge with a deck and fuel Liberty station to the Tigris River presentation, which was surrounded by fully cut concrete and military reserves and security and is accessed through "Sitarat" and checkpoints, After becoming a private enclosed area Iraqi political point.

It also won the "obelisk" documents for contracted South / body run Rumaila with Oil Company Inc. GCC SERVICES (Gulf Supply Company), one of the branches of Agility Agility (PWC Kuwait-based), despite the fact that the company is prohibited and banned in the United States because of the wrongdoing of the laws The United States and accused of "serious fraud against the United States).

And is alone "Obelisk" publish documentation procedures obtaining the former MP in the Liberal bloc and the governor of Baghdad (Ali Mohsen al-Assi al-Tamimi) approval from the Department of the notary in the Karrada district in Baghdad, the 03/19/2013 date, for issuing agency armored to his car, which granted him by the government (for leasing) to the security company for payment.

The first document is the (private agency, led by vehicles) in favor of the (Iraqi security company) named on the agency, along with information on the vehicle carrying (model year 2012, and a white Toyota Land Cruiser) type.

At a time when the Ministry of Municipalities in Iraq reported that pollution has risen in the Tigris River within the boundaries of the capital, Baghdad, to about 1700 mg, spotted lens "obelisk" in a part of the Tigris River in the Jadiriyah neighborhood,

particularly in the area adjacent to the bridge "Hasanayn" known in the vernacular language "Abu floors," tongues of artificial islands of the remnants of waste and scrap materials, and construction on the banks of the river,

which seemed to be an attempt to expand the area towards the river depth to increase the space in those areas which enjoyed its influence Iraqi political views.

And reveal a document obtained by "obelisk" for public auction "a sham" patron Iraqi Minister of Planning Ali Shukri, resulting in the purchase of a huge house for as little to add to his property and massive house which exchange it hundreds of millions of Iraqi dinars in the Green Zone,

despite being one of the representatives of the current movement in the government, which has been to raise the slogans of the fight against corruption and the corrupt.

The senior source revealed, about the intention of the Kurds to develop a plan to take over the presidency of the Football Iraqi dissolved union, and the inauguration of (Abdul Khaliq Massoud), instead of the boss (successful Hammoud),

where he presented the Kurds and the documents through other parties, these documents indicate that (Hammoud) client the intelligence service of the former regime and received a share of the oil coupons for his work in support of al Qaeda and the transfer of confidential information about the movements of the players and the sports center.

The court ruled that the resumption of Rusafa in Baghdad of the Supreme Judicial Council cold lawsuit filed deputy in the Iraqi National List (Kazim Kazim al-Shammari Attia) on the Iraqi journalist posted on his personal website "Facebook" news story, quoting a news agency.

The document explained that the governor of Salahuddin Ahmed al-Jubouri, at the time, and a candidate for the elections, accused of stealing two cars and was sentenced to 15 years.

And published the "obelisk" a copy of the request from the Ministry of the Interior to cancel the nomination of al-Jubouri, the House of Representatives elections in 2014, the presence of two limitations criminal against him.

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