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Morning News Comments 01/13/2015

And Ziraldolhchún Parliament: popular crowd “clean and strong” and the National Foundation .. Msudhahars soon in the Council of Ministers

[tlm724] popular crowd institution “clean and strong,” and stressed that the elements better than the “traitors” who have left the battlefields *mission* 

[tlm724] revealed that the draft law National Guard will reach Cabinet within two weeks for a vote.

[tlm724] 2 weeks *hallelujah*

[cat] yes
Jubouri said that “we do not deny the existence of abuse, but not from the crowd, but the factions is disciplined,” pointing out that “the National Guard law needs to be legislation of Parliament, because the composition without law will happen problems between the provinces and I as” Sunni 

“Do not accept its existence without a tent him under the military establishment, “adding that” the next two weeks will witness the arrival of this draft law to the cabinet for a vote.

[tlm724] he is right they all need to be included and protected under a law

[tlm724] thats a great way to start the day


Baghdad and Erbil Atsabakan to increase Aanaatehma of pure gold and supporting investor confidence

[tlm724] Saleh said L / Iraq Press / “The strength of the gold reserves in the country positively reflected on the Iraqi currency strength and reduce the proportion of risks in the economy calls for higher gold reserves in the bank and support Almschtmaren foreigners in Iraqi currency and investment confidence in the country

On the other hand, the province walked in the footsteps of Baghdad where to go to buy tons of Kurdistan imported during last year’s 77 tons of gold, despite the financial situation there.

[tlm724] I didn’t know that the Kurds had that much gold, 77 tons

[cat] hmmmm

[tlm724] did any of you ?

[shunshine] nope.

[cat] no

[tlm724] hmmm and all this gold supports the dinar and Saleh wants them to buy more gold, I’m into that


Bolani: activation of the single window to support investment in the provinces

[tlm724] said the committee agreed with the National Investment Commission and provincial councils to activate the single window in the granting of investment licenses in 2015

[tlm724] “The single window system was disabled in the past years, in spite of its importance, which is to collect the relevant ministries in one place to reduce the obstacles to the investor in the issue of land and the granting of investment licenses.

[tlm724] “the government’s drive in the next phase aims at activating the investment and reduce the financial and administrative obstacles to investors

[tlm724] The committee supports the government’s economic program, which emphasized to encourage the transition to the private sector through activation of investment projects and the market system and the organization of modern tax administration

[tlm724] now they are all on the same page and this will bring about some great changes, namely making it easy for the investors, creating the free market and a working tax system 

[tlm724] The committee supports the government’s economic program

[tlm724] bring it on baby !


Parliament prepares to discuss the oil and gas of the Federal Court Rules

[tlm724] that the House will approve the laws of the Federal Court and the parties, oil and gas and the Federation Council in the next few months revealed   

[tlm724] “The political agreement was to speed up the enactment of the laws of the Federal Court and the parties, oil and gas

[tlm724] “all of these laws Basttina law of parties are waiting for the government and sent in the coming days. *wolfwhistle* 

[tlm724] “urgently to pass these laws in the cabinet so that the parliament discussed and voted upon.

[tlm724] hear hear !


Deputy Liberal: Parliament is ready to approve the budget in the next session

[tlm724] “the existence of a political consensus between the blocks for the adoption of the budget in the next week,” *hallelujah* *kickA* 

[tlm724] “the parliamentary Finance Committee is currently working on the preparation of the general budget of the formula finally processed to pass in the next session,

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